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Must See in Beijing: Lama Temple

Beijing is a city packed with things to see. Some might be a bit overwhelmed by the size of it, the noise and its vibe. In the „Must see in Beijing“ blog posts, I will introduce you places I personally think one shouldn’t miss on a visit to China’s crazy capital. Lama Temple is with no doubt one of them, and our first stop.

Lama Temple, also known as The Yonghe Temple (Palace of Peace and Harmony), is the most renowned Tibetan buddhist temple located outside of Tibet. It was converted to lamasery in 1744 after it served as a residence to Emperor Yong Zheng. Nowadays, it is home to Mongolian and Tibetan monks and an active place of worship where people come from afar. Beijingers also come here to pray – for luck and happiness, occasions such as weddings and births but also for businesses and even exams.

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