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Story of a Band – Kinsfolk

They are young, fun and oh SO stylish. Guys, meet Peter and Dominik, who form Kinsfolk  – a Slovak indie duo based in Denmark. And guess what? I got to hang out with them in Odense the whole afternoon which we spent by taking some shots, as their new single just came out, and chatting about everything –  music, life, and  Denmark. They told me so much interesting stuff that I decided to bring all of that to you – and for the first time in both English and Slovak. Let me know what you think! X


  1. How was Kinsfolk formed and why “Kinsfolk? “

D: Kinsfolk actually started as a side project. As the cousins, we were growing up together and have been playing together since 2008 under several band-names, often with some other people. Our last band was called Parting Mouth and at the time when Kinsfolk was formed it was still active – we released a record, played shows and so on. When the new band was formed, we just wanted to try something different and be just the two of us. So we recorded ”Adelaide” and it felt natural to automatically come up with the new name for the band. We have considered a number of names but we liked ‘Kinsfolk’ the most. We are family after all and this title tells it to people too, you know? But I guess we pretty much thought it sounded cool as a band name as well.

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Florals for Summer? Groundbreaking.

These summer days in Denmark are warm, lazy and beautiful. What is better than taking a walk under the sun and being carefree for a second, shut down the busy world around you? Botanical Garden in Odense is such place, a place where you should go if you want to slow down. At the moment, all its flowers are blooming and it’s such a little hidden paradise. That’s why me and my friend Lisa decided to do a little photo shoot there!

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Days like this #1 – Sunny Odense and Studying

I feel like these days are kind of chilled. Not like I’m not busy or anything like that (the opposite, help help!), but since the sun came to Odense, the city where I live and study in Denmark, its vibe has changed. Anyways, every now and then I will do posts called “days like this” where I will share my daily life, new places I discovered in town and thoughts I have in mind. 

To give you a picture – Odense is a pretty small town (third largest in Denmark though) and a home to Hans Christian Andersen, the world’s famous author of children’s fairytales (The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen or The Girl with the Matches, to name a few). It is a cozy town where life goes slowly. At least this is how I feel after I got back here from China. It is also biking town – I think I even read somewhere it’s one of the best cities in Denmark for bikers.

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