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How to: easy spring makeup look

Hello wanderlettes!🌼I’ve been thinking of doing a beauty article for so long – and it’s finally happening! I’m gonna show you my favourite quick & easy, spring makeup look.

Those, who know me well, can tell how much of a makeup addict I am! My love for makeup is all about creating looks expressing my mood or attitude, or just playing with colours and structures really. For me, a face is a canvas and I simply enjoy painting on it. A nice makeup can instantly brighten up my mood or make a great start to a new day.

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Fashion Inspiration

You Go Girl!

Hello Wanderlettes! How was your week?🌸

I’m actually so ready to chill this weekend because this week I managed to get a bit more organised and actually got lots of stuff done – even though my social life suffered a bit, but well, sometimes it calls for sacrifices! (and I hope I’ll make it up to it over the weekend!). Anyways, past week was full of photo shoots, despite the tragic weather we’ve had here in Copenhagen! I really am awaiting the first sunny days with excitement, so please, be spring!

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My favourite casual look

You know those days – when you aren’t really making it on time anywhere because you just have so much crap to do, people are still waiting for your replies and days are passing by quicker than they should. Lately, I have had way too many late nights and even more early mornings, with no time to make that breakfast porridge – and basically, having my shit together became a nearly forgotten memory. I mean – yesterday, I actually realised that we’re at the end of February! What’s even happening?

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