My favourite casual look

You know those days – when you aren’t really making it on time anywhere because you just have so much crap to do, people are still waiting for your replies and days are passing by quicker than they should. Lately, I have had way too many late nights and even more early mornings, with no time to make that breakfast porridge – and basically, having my shit together became a nearly forgotten memory. I mean – yesterday, I actually realised that we’re at the end of February! What’s even happening?

Lately, I really started to appreciate my free days more than ever, really try to switch off the weekends and shut the outside world down. I don’t know why I thought, that once I’ll really enjoy what I’ll do, I’ll be just non-stop bursting with energy and passion and will be girlbossin’ around like there’s no tomorrow. Oh girl, was I wrong!

mum jeans

zara jeans

jana nguyenova

On busy days like this, I don’t even know what to do first, not to even mention my apathy to lift myself up from the bed and put some cool look together to face the day. On the contrary, I don’t feel like doing it over my weekend during the lovely “let’s unwind by sleeping in” mornings (?) either. Anyways – what I really do is that I walk out with one eye half open and grab something easy to wear.

HM wool jumper

Lately, I “grabbed” the very same pieces way too many times. I’ve been wearing this combo so much that I’m starting to feel like I don’t wear anything else (but I’m sure no-one has noticed!). These pieces became my absolute I-can’t-live-without staples and the ultimate go-to look.

So let me talk to you about the key piece of my favourite “I’m-lazy-and-can’t-be-bothered” look. I mean, THAT jumper! I never had a piece that warm and cozy, ever. When the winter hit, I really started the hunt for the warmest jumper out there and I found this one in H&M. It’s made of 100% wool and is this perfect oversized cozy knit for any cold day. I absolutely adore the texture and its nude shade, because it’s quite rare that nudes fit me – especially in winter, when I’m super pale. It’s so easy to dress it down with some skinny jeans and sneakers, but here, I went for my favourite mamma vintage looking jeans I got ages ago in Zara. I really love their washed out look and that shade of blueI’m telling you – it’s the ultimate combo for casual days when all you want is to be warm and comfortable.

HM wool jumper beige

indie outfit

zara mamma jeans

comfortable high heelsAnd again – it’s so easy to style it up! I love to spice it up with some heels and accessories. This time I went for these roccamore black ankle boots – and they’re oh so comfortable! These beauties are a bit different from ones other brands do as they actually have a special orthopedic insole, so you shouldn’t be able to kill your feet in them; and what’s best is that this pair is actually called Boss Lady – just the perfect pair to be walking in around the office or walking the streets with a head up high even on the shittiest of days, right?

To spice it all a bit more up, I threw my big, big hat on and my trusted thrifted shoulder bag (which honestly, partied way too much with me, sooo I’m searching for a new one similar to this baby – please comment me the-perfect-bag suggestions! 💕) and finished the whole thing with one of my beloved dark lipsticks. So there it is, my go-to combo – super casual with little something extra. Do you have such a staple look? I’d love to know!

hipster hat

casual outfit

I teamed up with amazing Galyna Baz for this photoshoot and totally fell in love with her, I just can’t stop looking at her photos – so definitely, check her out! That’s it for now, wanderlettes! Have an awesome weekend and remember to chill even during the busiest days.

Jana x

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