Days like this #1 – Sunny Odense and Studying

I feel like these days are kind of chilled. Not like I’m not busy or anything like that (the opposite, help help!), but since the sun came to Odense, the city where I live and study in Denmark, its vibe has changed. Anyways, every now and then I will do posts called “days like this” where I will share my daily life, new places I discovered in town and thoughts I have in mind. 

To give you a picture – Odense is a pretty small town (third largest in Denmark though) and a home to Hans Christian Andersen, the world’s famous author of children’s fairytales (The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen or The Girl with the Matches, to name a few). It is a cozy town where life goes slowly. At least this is how I feel after I got back here from China. It is also biking town – I think I even read somewhere it’s one of the best cities in Denmark for bikers.

bicycle houseAnyways, Odense is packed with these cute little places you always find when you least expect it. Like this study place, where I go do my nerding these days. It’s called StudieStuen and it’s basically looking like a living room full of books where people go chill and read, study or chat. The coffee is cheap and the vibe is cool, it’s cozy and fairly quiet. Perfect for my bad focus when it comes to my master thesis writing. It’s decorated with lots of second-hand stuff, which I’m a big fan of! Hows your studying going by the way? Also, any advice on how to focus on school duties are very welcome. Or at least, empathy would do!

studiestuen bookbooks studiestuenSometimes I literally catch myself daydreaming about being back on the road, travelling and exploring the unexplored. Sometimes, in my mind, I am travelling the world with a finger on this globe and realising I’m a lost case of wanderlust! At the moment, I am trying to figure out some low-cost trip for summer which will start once I will finish my thesis and have a normal life again. What’s you summer plan?

globe typewriterAnother place I fell in love with is Perhaps – a store showcasing work of local artists and designers. Whether you want to buy a unique painting or a cool postcard head there! I love local design, I try to shop as sustainably as my budget allows me and this is a perfect place that brings both together plus the stuff there is really, really nice. Typical Danish design – so beautiful!

At the moment, there is this thing going on in town called #kunstpåvinduer (art on windows) – artists decorate shopping windows with really tasteful and nice drawings. I couldnt’t resist to take some snaps of that!

perhaps odenseodense black outfitOn days like this, when I have no time, when things are going slowly but should go way quicker, I usually go out to see the world wearing everything in black. Black is my favourite colour, it’s so me. It’s not only stylish but super easy to wear when you don’t want to think too much about what to put on.

black hat odense

perhaps odensekunstpåvinduer odenseSo what did I do today? Slept in, went out and explored this new 70s furniture and home decor thrift shop in town I absolutely love. Had lunch in Stone Soup Cafe, a bistro style cafe offering really healthy and delicious meals full of Asian flavours – combining three most important things for me when it comes to food. So totally my place! And of course, they have amazing soups. And maybe you will see me there!

black hat leather jacket odenseAs you can see, procrastination is my best friend at the moment. So I’m back to getting some studying done, and I promise that the next article is gonna be really cool!

perhaps odensebiking denmarkIn the meantime, check out one of my ultimate favourite song, perfect for a chilled day. Yes, it’s MØ, one of my favourite girls on the music scene who teamed up with amazing Elliphant for this song. I don’t know how about you, but I LOVE the video!! ♥


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