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Early days of May were not special only because the sun finally (and thank god) came here, to cold Denmark, but also because the Finderskeepers Design Market came to town! Yes, Odense harbour was packed with visitors heading to see the latest pieces made by local designers. And as I came to conclusion that the weather is biking friendly, we decided to check it out as well!

finderskeepers design market

finderskeepers designmarket productsFinderskeepers is a concept of creating an indoor market where design, fashion and art would blend together. It is a place where innovation of Danish design, fashion and art meets sustainable and locally made products. The design market takes place in four Danish cities – Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.

finderskeepers odense denmarkAt these markets, you can find a variety of products, pretty much everything from clothing, accessories, ceramics, to furniture and plants while enjoying the chilled & friendly atmosphere and of course, delicious food. This market is a must go for everyone who enjoys original creations, seeks for something really unique and likes to chat about it with their creators.

finderskeepers design market denmarkdanish design Where did it all start?

The idea of creating market of this type was born in 2011 when a Danish design student Herle Jarlgaard Hansen, wanted to create a space, where designers and creatives could present their work. What was at first just a “fun idea” turned into a successful business and the concept quickly gained popularity and its visitors.

ryebread printdesign market odensedesign market denmarkWhat I think is really special about this project is that the creators actually handpick every single artist or designer who wants to showcase his or her work at the market. This way they can make sure the high quality standard is met. I have to say that they really succeeded in it. Every booth was so unique and special! I have seen so many cool pieces that I literally can’t get them off my mind! I just wished I can take everything! Some of them were just purely beautiful, others a bit quirky and funny. Loved all of them!

design market odense friendsAnother thing I loved was the atmosphere of the place –  the market took place in a very industrial space in a harbour, how could I not love it? It is totally my kind of vibe.

finderskeepers odense marketdanish designSo if you are in Denmark or planning a visit, make sure to check out if Finderskeepers Design Market is in town, because it is definitely worth visiting. To make sure you won’t miss any updates, follow them on their Facebook page.

Speaking of atmosphere, when I write, I kinda need to have the right vibe. And music is such a big part of it. I think that even when reading something, a good song playing in the background makes a huge difference. Therefore, I will be sometimes including songs to my posts. I am also trying to explore some new songs, so feel free to link me your suggestions!

Here is one Danish song I am sooo hooked on at the moment ♥

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