So here I am, completely uncertain whether my writing style is pleasant to read or if my pictures are beautiful enough to be even presentable online. Anyways, what was for so long just a an idea in my head is turning into something real. I am blogging. And this is my very first post.


I am starting to blog not only because I genuinly love writing but because I love telling stories, whether they are my own or they belong to all the great people I get to meet in life. I love to share moments captured in pictures which remind me of places I’ve been, beautiful things and the creative processes I see behind them.

Who am I?

I am a wanderlette. I believe it was a kind of my destiny to wander around, to fall in love with the road, far cultures, unknown scents and the beautiful parts of the world. I was born to a Slovak mum and Vietnamese dad, and taken on my first big adventure at the age of 8. This journey changed my life.


Friends and adventures! Pic from WeHeart it.

Exploring Copenhagen

Exploring Copenhagen

My inspiration?

I feel I have been very fortunate. I got a chance to go places I have never even dreamt of and my life has been filled with amazing people, whether I met them home or on the road. They have been my real inspiration. It is my family, friends which I have known since forever, and others I had a blast with during the last few years. Hopefully, I will introduce them to you here, because they are so special!


My girls

I want to take you to places I fell in love with, meet the great people life brought me to, share the lessons I learned and inspire you to explore the world. I am not a tourist, I am a traveller who makes life in places and explores them with open eyes and mind. By now, I have lived in 4 different countries apart from my own. Through a blend of experiences from these culturally diverse places I see world differently.


I had the best time with these special people in Manchester


My university

I am a fashion lover. To me, fashion is not only a way to express yourself, but there is something arty about it. It is with us every day and forms a huge part of our lives. I love the process of picking up clothes I feel like wearing and matching my make-up with the look. Being a student, my budget is limited, so I will be showing you how to put together versatile looks with pretty basic items. And I absolutely love thrifting! So you will see a lot of that.

makeupA girl who seeks for little adventures and special things every day. And this blog will be filled with me. I will take you far places with me and give you travelling tips. I will put on my favourite dress and we’ll check out this new coffeeshop in town. I will show you my make-up and beauty products addictions, because I can never resist to share my new lipstick with the world. I will confuse you with this random art exhibition in a gallery I just discovered. I will let you into my student life. I will decorate my room and tell you all about it. And another day, I will just take you for a walk under the sun.


I miss them! Always good to come back home

Right now, I am based in Denmark. However, as I have plenty to tell from my travels I did a few months ago, you will see a lot of Asian vibes, so stay tuned! This will be my visual diary which I am hoping, will be fun to read.


2013 – This was such a good year, I had su much fun


By Klub Dole

By Klub Dole

Pictures on this post are a collected mostly from my Instagram, where I constantly add new things. See them here: The Wanderlette.


                 Jana x 

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