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    Velvet Skirt x Industrial Vibes

    I always loved industrial areas of the city. To me, they have this kind of different, cool vibes. Odense, the city where I live in Denmark at the moment, is more of a fairy tale than industrial and underground. Despite of that, there are a few spots with this kind of vibes I’m talking about, and I decided to capture them on blog. On this occasion and also because summer finally came to town and to this cold country (what, believe me, is a reason to celebrate)  I finally took my velvet skirt out for a walk!

    velvet skirt

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  • Inspiration

    Finderskeepers Design Market Denmark

    Early days of May were not special only because the sun finally (and thank god) came here, to cold Denmark, but also because the Finderskeepers Design Market came to town! Yes, Odense…