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    Faux Fur for Cold Summer Days

    I know it’s June, so.. a coat? What the hell? Well, here in Denmark, the weather is every day’s surprise. Last weeks were so warm that I felt I’m on my seaside holidays somewhere in the south of Europe. Well, well. This week has been cloudy, rainy and evenings had been kind of cold. Or maybe I still just didn’t get used to this Danish climate. At least, it was a great opportunity to take out my faux fur coat out of the wardrobe, and cuddle it up!

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    Velvet Skirt x Industrial Vibes

    I always loved industrial areas of the city. To me, they have this kind of different, cool vibes. Odense, the city where I live in Denmark at the moment, is more…

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    Mario Testino’s No Limits

    It‘s morning on 11th May and I‘m walking through Copenhagen’s busiest shopping street Strøget, heading to the venue of the day, full of excitement. Morning just like any other, only Denmark…