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    Thoughts #1: You Go Girl!

    Hello Wanderlettes! How was your week?🌸

    I’m actually so ready to chill this weekend because this week I managed to get a bit more organised and actually got lots of stuff done – even though my social life suffered a bit, but well, sometimes it calls for sacrifices! (and I hope I’ll make it up to it over the weekend!). Anyways, past week was full of photo shoots, despite the tragic weather we’ve had here in Copenhagen! I really am awaiting the first sunny days with excitement, so please, be spring!

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    Best of 2016

    With the end of every year, I get really nostalgic. I recap everything that has happened that year in my head and then always regret I never archive my memories. I…

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    It’s that time of the year again – the streets are sparkling with golden glitter of decorative lights, smelling of mulled wine. The shopping windows are telling us their fairy tales and…

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    Story of a Band – Kinsfolk

    They are young, fun and oh SO stylish. Guys, meet Peter and Dominik, who form Kinsfolk  – a Slovak indie duo based in Denmark. And guess what? I got to hang out…

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    Finderskeepers Design Market Denmark

    Early days of May were not special only because the sun finally (and thank god) came here, to cold Denmark, but also because the Finderskeepers Design Market came to town! Yes, Odense…

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    So here I am, completely uncertain whether my writing style is pleasant to read or if my pictures are beautiful enough to be even presentable online. Anyways, what was for so long…